Located in Buenos Aires City, Argentina, born in 2002 with the strong premise of maintaining the essence and elegance of Argentine Tango. Since then, we capture our understanding of tango, being not only an artistic interpretation, but also a feeling: our desire that the real tango, which passionates audiences around the world, will be always kept alive..

The company is composed of a group of  renowndancers with solid experience and versatility in all tango styles and other diciplines and is known for its technical excellence, sensuality and passion put on stage. 

Together with professional musicians and singers of international experience, we develop different shows, with vast repertoire. 

We perform infront of a demanding audience lover of this genre, performing traditional tangos, waltzes, milongas, modern tango, including the music of Astor Piazzolla. And also we expand our range to another type of audience with a modern presentation including electronic tangos and musicals.

Our tango shows are modern and entertaining style. We provide diversity and versatility in every performance, taking the viewer on a journey through time and tango history, from the “conventillos” to the present.


Our performances can different ammount of couples, from twelve pairs of dancers to smaller shows, depending of the production that is requested. We have individual and group choreographies, performed by professional dancers of international experience. Couples dancing are selected considering their technical and artistic quality where you can feel the true essence of tango.

The company has different style of singers inside the tango genre. We have female singers, male singers or duets. All with excellent presence and artistic qualities of first class international.

The traditional tango orchestra of  Tango Desire Company can be with its typical format of 5 musicians or the reduced version of 4 musicians, and is composed by top quality artists of the genre. For electronic performances, Tango Desire also has the support of an electronic tango quintet for modern spectacles.

Buenos Aires – Argentina

Phone: 54-11-3092-4544
E-mail: tangodesire@gmail.com